Bodhi Tree Sports Bottle

Pure water stays pure
The Bodhi Tree Sports Bottle is your ideal companion when doing sports or yoga whether indoor or outdoor. The bottles of Bodhi Tree are guaranteed free of toxins such as BPA and BPS. The body is made of Tritan, a medical grade material. The bottle does not disperse any odour or flavour to your drink.

Perfect sports bottle
The Bodhi Tree water bottle is designed for optimum use during yoga, fitness or outdoor sports. The bottle can be opened with one hand and the water flows easily out of the opening for a quick refreshing thirst quenching. The dust cover ensures that the bottle opening remains clean and hygienic at all times. The Bodhi Tree Sports Bottle has a fruit filter which makes it easy to add fruit and herbs to flavour your water.

Leak proof
The Bodhi Tree water bottle has an extra lock so that the bottle can never open accidentally. The design and careful manufacture ensure that the bottle is 100% leak proof.

Strong and easy to keep clean
The Bodhi Tree water bottle is very robust and yet also light. Due to its simple shape, the bottle is easy to clean.




Not just for water
The Bodhi Tree Sports Bottle is suitable for any drink you would like to use it for, like juices, sports drinks (electrolyte/isotonic drinks) and fruit and herbal infusions. Also warm drinks can be used as long as the temperature is below 85oC.

Fruit and herbal infusion
The Bodhi Tree Sports Bottle is especially suitable for fruit infusions. For that purpose it has the fruit filter. Fruit and herbal infusions are simple to make. Add some of your favorite fruits and/or herbs to the water. The filter makes sure the herbs and fruits don’t obstruct the spout.

The importance of staying hydrated
The health benefits of staying hydrated at all times are tremendous. A loss of bodily water of 5% creates a loss in performance of around 30%. Drinking water stimulates the elimination of toxines produced by the body like lactic acid and carbondioxide.

The mainpart of the bottle is made of Tritan copolyester. The part of the lid which contains the water is made of polypropylene. Both materials are 100% safe. The bottles of Bodhi Tree are guaranteed free of toxins such as BPA and BPS. You will notice that your bottle is completely odourless and won’t disperse any taste to your drink.

Recommended use
  • Wash all parts with soapy water before use. Rinse and dry with a clean towel. Store the bottle with the lid off
  • For maximum durability clean by hand
  • Do not fill the bottle with liquids hotter than 85oC
  • Do not microwave or freeze

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